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Egyedi fejlesztés, rendszer integráció

Predor is an integrated access control and working time management system designed especially for large and medium enterprises. The access events, worktime data, camera streams, fire alarms, guard tours and any other security events can be monitored on the Predor software interface. The automated reports and innovative functions reduce the burden on HR managers, security guards, accountants or any managers.

As our company is the developer of the software and hardware we can implement any custom requirement to tailor the system to the customers’ needs. Predor can be integrated with any third party systems and translated to any language. The hardware components are also manufactured in Hungary on automotive production lines, thus the rate of hardware failure is less than 0.2%.

We are proud that Predor is one of the most popular access control systems in Hungary. We have more than 500 installer partners. The number of users handled in the largest Predor systems exceeds 5000.

The software update is free of charge. There are no monthly or annual fees, no hidden costs! We offer free developer support and training for our distributor partners. Contact us for a webinar and try the demo software.


Predor is an integrated access control and time and attendance system developed for medium and large enterprises. The largest Predor systems have over 5000 users. Its reliability, innovative features, modern software interface and flexibility make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Below is a list of the main Predor systems implemented by us and our installer partners.

Gallicoop Zrt. |

1300+ users
Gallicoop Zrt.

Schaeffler Savaria Kft. |

5000+ users
Schaeffler Savaria Kft.

Budapest Park |

2000+ users
Budapest Park

Rosatom |

500+ users

Reconstruction of M3 metro |

4000+ users
Reconstruction of M3 metro


1000+ users

B. Braun Magyarország Kft. |

2000+ users
B. Braun Magyarország Kft.


1000+ users

Aeroplex Kft. |

1000+ users
Aeroplex Kft.

Pannonia Bio Zrt. |

2000+ users
Pannonia Bio Zrt.

Matild Palace |

200+ users
Matild Palace

State Opera House |

600+ users
State Opera House

Dunapack Kft. |

2000+ users
Dunapack Kft.

Schiller Opel |

500+ users
Schiller Opel

Wewalka Kft. |

250+ users
Wewalka Kft.

Dunacell Kft. |

800+ users
Dunacell Kft.

PAYER Industries Kft. |

500+ users
PAYER Industries Kft.

Decathlon – Budaörs |

200+ users
Decathlon – Budaörs

Prestige Towers |

900+ users
Prestige Towers

REJLEK Metal Kft. |

500+ users
REJLEK Metal Kft.

Laposa Vineyard |

100+ users
Laposa Vineyard

Sealed Air Kft. |

700+ users
Sealed Air Kft.

Szigligeti Színház |

300+ users
Szigligeti Színház

Elring Klinger Kft. |

200+ users
Elring Klinger Kft.

SIIX Hungary Kft. |

600+ users
SIIX Hungary Kft.

ZIP Technologies Kft. |

100+ users
ZIP Technologies Kft.

Schwarzmüller |

1000+ users

Fastron Hungária Kft. |

600+ users
Fastron Hungária Kft.