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Time & Attendance Overview

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Alert management

In case of alerts, the stream of the affected cameras are displayed in a popup window. You can also view the door on a map, enabling security guards to react more effectively.

Graphical manager reports

Graphical reports help managers and employers to look over the worktime violations in a few seconds. Several reports can also be generated automatically.


In the event of a fire alarm, the system automatically generates an evacuation list. With our mobile application you can track the position of people who are potentially in danger.

Recording rules, User tracking

A photo or a short video can be recorded automatically, upon any events. If we track somebody, the camera stream of the associated location is always displayed.

Web interface

The employees are able to register remote (off-site) work or can apply for holiday even on their cell phone. The managers can approve or reject holiday requests or create shift schedules.

Attendance sheet

The attendance sheets are automatically generated for each employee on the last day of the month, and they also can be sent by email.

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