Predor Client Software

Main features:

  • Handling up to 40,000 IDs
  • Unlimited entry points
  • Works with multiple clients (PCs, cell phones, etc.) simultaneously
  • Mobile application
  • Sends e-mail notifications automatically
  • In case of a fire alarm it generates an evacuation list
  • Camera system integration
  • Increased opening time for disabled people
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Predor Brochure
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Some examples of our innovative functionality

In case of alerts, the stream of the affected cameras will be automatically displayed in a popup window. You can also view the affected door’s location on a map, enabling security guard to react more effectively.
In the event of a fire alarm, the system automatically generates an evacuation list. With our mobile application you can track the position of people who are potentially in danger.
Some objects must be prepared to various emergencies or even an armed attack. If necessary we can activate any pre-configured plans triggered by software, card read, button or emergency code. For example, we can lock off the attacker's path and open the escape routes for the employees.
Automated photo or video can be recorded triggered by any events. In some cases it is needed to keep an eye on a person using the cameras of the object. If we track somebody, in the tracking window always displayed the room, where the certain person is located.
The display of large photos helps for the security personnel to compare the stored picture of the cardholder with the person just entering.
The random luggage inspection has a deterrent effect. With our bagcheck function the possibility of a theft can be radically reduced.
The software creates unique wiring diagram (installation guide) for each controller based on your settings and labels. In this way, this part of the installation can be outsourced.
Don’t worry about GDPR! The range of data to be deleted and the schedule can be configured in rules that can be run automatically. So the system can handle personal data without any interference.

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