Predor Mobile Application

Main features:

You can...
  • see the alarms,
  • handle evacuation list on your mobile,
  • browse the event list,
  • view the location of people,
  • block people at one sweep
  • control any doors remotely
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Predor Brochure
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Would you like to keep an eye on your company, when you are out of office or just away from your computer?

With the support of Predor application you can monitor your employees’ activities and the secure operation of your company any time, from anywhere. Additionally, you will get real time alarm notice, so you can act immediately.

Person location

For instance, you can easily check who has not arrived yet. The location of people can be listed by people or by access zones.

Evacuation list

In case of a fire alarm the system generates an evacuation list with the latest locations of people.

Remote control

You can control any doors through a secure communication channel from your smart phone or if necessary, you can also withdraw any permissions.

The application can be used with Predor Enterprise software free of charge.

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