Predor Phantom – Controller Unit for 4 doors

Main features:

  • Stand-alone or server-managed operation either
  • 250,000 events and 200,000 IDs of 100,000 users can be stored
  • Up to 4 doors can be controlled (types and directions are freely configurable)
  • Automatic network discovery
  • Scheduled battery test if installed with Predor intelligent power supply
  • 2 programmable inputs
  • 2 programmable relay outputs
  • Fire alarm and tamper inputs with advanced security level

Safety, integrability, stability

Predor Phantom controller has a much more powerful processor and larger memory than the former hardware version. Thanks to its many new peripherals it can be easily integrated with modern security systems.


The Predor Phantom controller is perfectly compatible with the first generation Sentinel controller. Existing systems can be expanded with Phantom controllers. The bolting points of the new controller are also the same, so the Predor metal boxes can be used without modification.

Simple installation

The system creates a printable wiring diagram for each controller according to the current settings.

Independent operation

The controller can store up to 100,000 users, 200,000 IDs and 250,000 events, thus it is able to carry out the access control tasks perfectly even when the conntection to the server is lost.

Simple and fast configuration

Thanks to the automatic network discovery, the client automatically finds the controllers connected to the network. The system can be pre-configured and the settings should be uploaded at the installation site.

Programmable inputs and outputs

2 inputs and 2 relay outputs can be used for integration with third party systems or for multi-step verification, for instance, breathalyzers, pre-entry disinfection, bag or vehicle inspection


Predor Brochure
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