Predor Time & Attendance Terminal

Main features:

  • 99 custom work codes
  • Touchscreen display
  • Available with encrypted built-in reader as well
  • Temporary stand-alone operation
  • Customizable graphical interface
  • Easy to use

99 custom work codes

In the Predor Client Software you can define custom paid and unpaid activity codes, such as delegation, lunch, smoking, education and so on.

Customizable user interface

You can select which activity codes to display on the screen and what kind of worktime data should be displayed for the employee. Both the icon and the color of each activity are customizable.

Feedback of worktime data

The employee swipes their card on the built-in reader in order to identify themselves. At this time, the selectable activity codes and their worktime data (i.e. time of arrival, worktime balance, breaktimes etc.) appear on the screen.

Stand alone operation

The Predor Time & Attendance Terminal is not a stand alone unit. The Predor Enterprise software with Worktime management license is required. The device synchronizes data with Predor Enterprise Server via IP network, in real time. When the server or the network is down, the terminal continues working in offline mode, and it stores up to 1,000,000 events in its own memory.

Built-in battery

Upon a power failure, 2 pcs. of 2600 mAh Li-ion batteries provide uninterruptable power supply. These batteries can easily be replaced, and the charging is completely managed by the device. The terminal is operational without input power for at least 1 hour (with fully charged batteries).


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